Book Cover Designs

I worked for about two years and six months with Xlibris Publishing, which is a part of Author Solutions, a huge self-publishing company based in the US, catering for markets not only in the US, but also UK, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Asia.

As a Design Consultant or Production Specialist, I mainly did consultations for authors, discussing their ideas for the cover and interior design of their book projects. Occasionally, I get to design them myself, especially for projects that needed careful attention.

Here are some of the book covers I've designed while I was with the publishing company. Book covers have always been in my top favourite design projects. I'm glad I still get to do them from time to time doing freelancing.

I've divided this section into three categories:

  • Digital Painting | Photo Manipulation
  • Photo Composition
  • Vector Graphics

Digital Painting | Photo Manipulation

Photo Composition

Vector Graphics