Earlier Works

My first job as a designer was with Atalyer Design (Design Initiative Philippines, Inc). I started out as a Project Coordinator, and later as a Graphic Designer, too. A big chunk of my knowledge about this industry, I learned in my three years stay in the studio. It was a start-up company, so we had to do a lot of multi-tasking, and sometimes even a form of amateur reverse engineering for some projects. 

About five to six years from then, after about two and a half years with the publishing company, I started freelancing. Together with two friends, whom I met while working with Atalyer, we started Over Coffee Design. It was like our own small design studio. Our specialty fields varied, which made us an interesting mix. However, due to circumstances, we had to split up, and I kept the name.

This page showcases some of the works I've done under:

  • Over Coffee Design
  • Atalyer Design


(Over Coffee Design)

Design Studio

(Atalyer Design | Design Initiative Philippines)