Olveston Historic Home (Exhibition Branding and Design)

This served as my Major Project for my Graduate Diploma programme, which includes branding and design for the Olveston Historic Home 50th Anniversary of Bequest to the City Exhibition. 

The Exhibition Branding and Design theme is "Edwardian clutter with a 60's flair." The Olveston Home may have been completed in 1906, but the setting of the Bequest Story happened in the late 1960’s,which had quite a different feel compared to the Edwardian Era. Although the house is considered modern for its time, it is still subdued in comparison to the style during the time when it was gifted to the city. 

While an Edwardian look and feel suggests a simple and light way of decorating, the late 1960’s contrasts that with a more psychedelic and bright approach. The divergence of these two eras now becomes the inspiration for the branding of the exhibition. It’s an Edwardian clutter—which is a slightly eclectic collection of things but in a more organized way—with a 60’s flair.

Aside from the style of the eras, the exhibition branding is also influenced by the available materials and content of the story. A lot of the documentation surrounding the bequest of the house came from the newspaper articles from Otago Daily Times, and like in those clippings, the photographs during that time are mostly either in mono or sepia tone.